uPVC Lock Repair Problems

Compared to ordinary locks, installing uPVC locks for your doors and windows provides that extra protection your home needs against home intrusions.

However, repairing uPVC lock is by no means easy. In fact, due to the complexity of this type of lock, you’d need a professional locksmith to do the repair job for you. Fortunately, there are many emergency locksmiths in NYC who you can turn to. If your uPVC lock is troubling you with repairs, here are a few tips to get things rolling:

Types of uPVC Locking Problems

Your uPVC lock has a complex mechanism which makes it difficult to repair. Commonly, your uPVC lock consists of a multi point locking system for extra protection. However, due to its complexity, this mechanism could cause you some problems. Common problems associated with uPVC lock are:

  • Faulty cylinder – Occurs when the cylinder turns, but doesn’t engage locking bolts
  • Broken mechanism – Lock becomes lose and turns without any tension, or gets jammed
  • Barrel fault – Sometimes the key get stuck inside the lock hole and cannot be turned or removed from the lock easily
  • Misalignment – It is a common occurring among most doors equipped with uPVC locks. This problem occurs either by incorrect door panels or wrong hinges
  • Euro lock problem – This is the part where you insert the key of your lock. In most cases, the key will enter the circular part where the keyway is; the part is oval shape and narrow in size
  • Bent doors – This occurs as a result of opening the door by force and is often caused by burglars and thieves applying pressure to open the door that damages the multi lock system

 Repairing your uPVC lock

To repair your uPVC lock, identify its type. Your uPVC lock could be one of the following types:

  • Yale
  • Fulltex GU Ferco
  • Roto
  • Milca
  • Avocet

Keep in mind that identifying the type of your uPVC lock will make it easy for you to repair it. To repair your lock, your locksmith will open it and examine the faceplate.

Afterwards, the faceplate will be detached from the lock for repairing purpose. Locksmith will also measure its dimensions and check the square spindle and circular portion where the key is inserted. This is how most uPVC locks are repaired. Remember, all uPVC locks should only be repaired by a professional locksmith.

If your uPVC need repairs, you should call a locksmith to do the repairs. Fast Locksmith NYC is a reputable lock installation service and is your one stop solution to all your uPVC lock related problems. For more information, call now at 888-492-7575.


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