Signs Your Door Has Been Tampered With

Burglars are sneaky. A professional burglar could be such a pro at picking locks that you’d never know that someone was in your house, had your things not been missing.

However there are some signs and hints that you could look out for, so that you could take necessary precautions and get top-notch locks installed by your residential locksmith. Secured and smart locks make it next to impossible for burglars to break-in.

It’s pretty easy to notice any kind of tinkering in your locks if you know where to look. If you ever suspect that your lock have been tampered with, the first thing to do is leave the house (in case the burglar might still be inside) and call the police. The second thing to do is call our emergency locksmith services and get upgraded and more advanced locks installed.

Following are the ways that burglars usually adopt to break-in:

1.     Picking:

This is the oldest and most favorite method of burglars. It is usually done by a professional burglar and leaves little to no trace.


  • Only on close inspection, you may find tiny scratch marks.
  • The area surrounding key hole will have a shiny metal (result of grazing).


  • Using advanced lock system, get your locks upgraded.
  • You could get mechanical locks installed.

2.     Bumping:

Bumping is a technique used by burglars, in which they insert a special cut key in your door lock that split all the pin tumblers of the lock. Cylinder locks are most susceptible to bumping, which unfortunately are also the most commonly used lock.



  • Nicks around the edges of key hole
  • If your lock has been working absolutely fine the last time you used it and suddenly isn’t functioning now, it could be a sign of attempted burglary.
  • Grazed metal around key hole (that wasn’t there before) as a result of recent hitting.


  • Get chain latches installed to your doors that will prevent burglar from entering even after he has bumped the locks.
  • Upgrade and modify your current deadbolts and locks. You could give us a call and we’ll add additional pins in your locks. This will make the bumping relatively more difficult and time consuming for the burglar. Making him vulnerable.
  • There are bump-resistant locks, which are immune to bumping. Our locksmiths at Fast Locksmith NYC are highly skilled and could guide you in the process and install these locks.

3.     Brute Force:

Burglars who use brute force to break the locks are also most likely to be violent. Brute force is a very obvious sign of breaking and entering which make the burglar vulnerable for fear of getting caught. Panic makes them violent.


  • Lost paint around the door frame
  • In case of wooden door, there will be debris of woods around the floor.
  • Bend deadbolts and latches
  • In case of a broken lock/door, your door may be open when you return home; in case of this, so not enter the premises. Call 911.


  • Installing high security system
  • Installing motion detector and burglar alarms
  • In case of sliding glass doors, make sure the glass is fiber, reinforced or plastic. It should also be laminated on both sides to thwart shattering.

If you find any of these signs of tampering – whether it is your house or your commercial building, you need to take safety measures immediately. You should also upgrade your locks if there have been burglary cases in your neighborhood. Contact us in case of emergency or for any other lock issues. Our services are available 24/7.

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