Is It Really a Lock Problem?

Difficulty in turning the key, improper latching, problems in turning the knob, inability to lock – all these are common lock problems. But are they really related to the lock itself?

Wondering what else could cause these problems? Well, there are number of other reasons.

Here are a few real causes:

It Might be the Keys

Keys are matched with pins for smooth operation. If you’ve been using a duplicate key, you might experience problems in locking and unlocking your door. Even an inch’s variation in the key can make is nonfunctional. The problem intensifies when you’ve lost the original key and are using duplicates to create more duplicates. The variation in the key increases and the lock problem prolongs.

To get rid of this problem, get your lock rekeyed. With original keys and with the help of a professional locksmith, you’ll be able to create exact duplicates without discrepancies.

Hinges can be a Problem

Loose or poorly mounted hinges can be a cause of lock problems. For a standard door jamb, three hinges with four screws are used. In some cases, hinges are improperly attached which creates a problem. Even if one screw attached to the jamb is of sufficient length, it will not cause a problem.

However, failing to do so causes misalignment of the door’s strike and lock. Make sure that you get in touch with a professional locksmith in such a situation as they check the gap between the door and jamb to find out the real problem.

Careless Installation of the Door Strike

Improper installation of door strikes can lead to a serious problem, even if the door is hung properly. Latches and bolts should be centered with their respective strikes. In addition to this, the strike of the lock latch should be positioned in such a manner where the dead latch plunger does not fall in the strike opening. These strikes should be installed with screws which are long enough to anchor the strike into the framing behind the jamb.

Get in touch with a locksmith to find out the real problem and its cause. Fast Locksmith NYC is a well known, reputed locksmith in New York. We offer a wide range of residential as well as commercial locksmith services. We also provide emergency locksmith services for all your lock problems. Whether it is a lock issue or security system installation concerns, get in touch with us by calling at 888-492-7575 or 917-341-5600.

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