How To Make Your Property Doors Baby Safe

A house with toddlers and kids will need special attention when it comes to security. As parents, you want to make sure that your child is well cared for – and secure. You keep the safest things in the house, dangerous thing out of reach, and front doors locked and secure.

However, you cannot deny that children are very curious. The smallest thing can capture their attention. A bird in your garden; a car parked outside; is your door child-proof?

Prevention is better than cure; which is why you should call our security consulting company today and plan a secure house for your child.

Following are some ways through which you can make your house baby safe:

1.     Lock the rooms that are not safe for babies:

Usually all the interior doors of our house are kept open.  But sometimes there are rooms that are not safe for children, such as pantry or laundry room.  Our residential locksmith services could provide you with locking solutions that allow you access, but limits it for your 4 year old.

2.     Hinged doors:

Hinged doors are doors that don’t need a push. They do the job themselves. Even though hinged doors are very practical for commercial use, it is a mistake to have it at home. Most of the time, babies are standing at the doorway and get blindsided by the closing door, getting hurt in the process. Keep the hinged doors of the house under lock and key at all times.

3.     Balcony doors:

If your house has a balcony, getting locks installed must be the first things that you should do. Keep the balcony doors locked all the time to prevent kids from going there alone. As an extra safety measure, you could also get your balcony railings boarded up.

4.     Cabinets and cupboards:

The kitchen is the place for glass dishware in cabinet and cupboards. You may also use your cabinets as a source to store some important documentation. Get locks installed in your kitchen cabinets that store dangerous and unsafe things for kids. Kids are also very fond of tearing papers apart into tiny chunks. If you have any kind of important file at home, secure a cabinet with locks for the purpose of safekeeping.

Your home may not be the safest place for your baby. Change that. Choose locking solutions that can ensure his or her protection. Contact us for more information. We can help make your house a safe haven for your kids.





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